Polo Shirt - AMT Men's Navy

Polo Shirt - AMT Men's Navy

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These AMT T-Shirts come in two colors, White and Navy. Here is your chance to celebrate the Australian Maths Trust.

Size Chest Waist Hip
S 90-95cm 80-85cm 95-100cm
M 95-100cm 85-90cm 100-105cm
L 100-105cm 90-95cm 105-110cm
XL 105-110cm 95-100cm 110-115cm
2XL 110-115cm 100-105cm 115-120cm
3XL 115-120cm 105-110cm 120-125cm
4XL 120-125cm 110-115cm 125-130cm
5XL 125-130cm 115-120cm 130-135cm
6XL 130-135cm 120-125cm 135-140cm
7XL 135-140cm 125-130cm 140-145cm

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