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Australian Maths Competition Book 3 (1992-1998)

Australian Mathematics Competition Book 3 (1992-1998)

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(Authors: WJ Atkins, JE Munro & PJ Taylor)

Book 3 is the third in this series of books.

The Australian Mathematics Competition is one of the greatest Mathematics Competitions of the world.

Past questions from the AMC are published in a series of four books. Each of these four books contains the questions and solutions from the high school papers for seven years of the Australian Mathematics Competition. The questions are grouped by topic and ranked in order of difficulty. These books contain a broad range of mathematics problems suitable for students of abilities and are an extremely useful aid for mathematics teachers and a source of pleasure for all with an interest in mathematics and problem solving.

Titles in this series:

Book 1 1978-1984  (in PDF only), Book 2 1985-1991 (in PDF only)Book 3 1992-1998Book 4 1999-2005 (in PDF only)Book 5 2006-2012.

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