Maths Enrichment Student Notes: Dirichlet

Maths Enrichment Student Notes: Dirichlet

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Recommended as extension material for students in years 6–7. Dirichlet includes mathematics concerned with tessellations, arithmetic in other bases, time/distance/speed, patterns, recurring decimals and specific problem-solving techniques.

The Enrichment stage of the Maths for Young Australians program contains formal course work designed to extend the knowledge of students in mathematics.

Normally students enter the Enrichment program through their school. This provides educational benefit through teacher interaction and assessment, and participating students receive a certificate showing the level they have achieved. The Student Notes are supplied to students enrolled in the program and other materials are provided to their teacher.

We make the Student Notes available as text books to interested parties for whom the program is not available through a school. The Notes refer to a problems booklet, which contains the assessment problems for each year. If available, we will include a complimentary copy of a previous year's problems booklet but solutions to these are not available.

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Science Competitions: Mathematics and Informatics Olympiads grant opportunity.


JB Henry, A Edwards, L Mottershead, A Nakos, K Sims, PJ Taylor & A Thomas

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