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Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically: Book 1

Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically: Book 1

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Author: Elena Stoyanova

"A wonderful resource for mathematically able Year 3 and Year 4 students and their teachers." Dr N Hoffman

From the author

For me Mathematics is just a way of thinking and in my work as a teacher I try to help students to become intelligent thinkers and users of mathematics.

I found that there is a shortage of ready-to-use materials that challenge student understanding of mathematics. This is the first book in my attempt to bridge the gap between the thinking curriculum and the classroom practice.

Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically (Book 1) consists of 20 ready-to-use interrelated topics. Complete solutions and answers are provided to all questions.

The aim of the book is to present challenging, but achievable curriculum that links working-mathematically processes and familiar Level 2 mathematics content. Most of the questions are suitable for Years 3 and 4 mathematically able students.

The book includes 11 short assessments. Complete solutions, appropriate marking keys and scoring rubrics are provided.

The Achievement Profile gives an overview of the individual student achievement across the 20 mathematics topics.

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