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Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically: Book 2

Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically: Book 2

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Author: Elena Stoyanova

Teaching and Assessing Working Mathematically (Book 2) consists of ready-to-use mathematics enrichment materials. The aim of the book is to present challenging, but achievable curriculum that links working-mathematically processes, problem solving strategies and essential mathematics content. The book includes short assessments, marking keys and complete solutions on all questions. This book is suitable for talented upper primary or mathematically able low secondary students in Years 5 to 8.

Elena holds a PhD degree in developing students' mathematical abilities and she has taught gifted and talented students at all levels.

She says: "I think that mathematics is the easiest school subject because it is just a way of thinking. The nature of the curriculum and the way we communicate with students is at the heart of developing students' mathematical abilities."

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