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Tshirt - Pythagoras

Tshirt - Pythagoras

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This range of T-shirts depicts four famous results in mathematics and the mathematicians responsible. Here is your chance to show your mathematical chops and celebrate these famous results.

Pythagoras of Samos (c.570 - c.495 BC)
This T-shirt features the well-known Pythagoras Theorem relating side lengths for right-angled triangles.

S Chest 50cm, Length 68.5 cm
M Chest: 52.5cm, Length 70.5cm
L Chest: 55cm, Length 72.5cm
XL Chest: 57.5cm, Length 74.5cm

Chest is measured (when T-shirt is lying flat) across the body just below armpits. Length is measured from bottom to top of shoulder.

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